• Memory Foam Mattresses
    Soniodoro Perfetto® - Get The Most Out Of Your Mattress

    All-dimensional stretchiness gives our fitted Jersey Knit sheets superb
    dynamics, following every movement of your mattress and perfectly
    adapting to every static and dynamic surface contour.
    EGINO® sheets stretch and spring back without folds, wrinkles, budging
    or any tension. They fully "hug" your mattress and actively adjust to every
    shape, yet stay firmly in place and never slip off the mattress.

Maximize the potential of:
“Soniodoro Perfetto®” is a fitted Jersey Knit sheet of a European,
specifically a German wellness sleeping system and therefore....
Please note before you order:
Packaging Fully Recyclable.

Key Advantage Points:

  • Guaranteed Fit:  All-directional elasticity, combined with the comfort of the world's finest combed cotton, “Soniodoro Perfetto®” Jersey Knit  
    sheets are the answer to consumers' desires as they completely hug the mattress and actively adjust to every shape of the mattress without      
    any folds, wrinkles or budging.  They will never slip off, fit skintight and look like freshly made every morning

  • Breathable & Temperature Regulating: Jersey Knit fabric circulates air to your skin and diverts heat away from your body.

  • Incomparably Easy Care: Wash hot, machine-dry (unlike the cheap "T-Shirt" sheets which usually shrink in hot water); our Jersey Knit sheets
    recover 100% of their original shape and elasticity within seconds, wash after wash without ironing (See Easy Care & Extras).

  • Durability: Repeat customers have enjoyed our Soniodoro Perfetto®fitted Jersey knit sheets for ten(10) years or longer; according to their   
    own words, they are the best sheets they have ever had!

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Fits Single, Twin, Single XL,Twin XL
Fits Queen, Queen XL
Fits King, Eastern King, California        
King, Western King
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See what actual customers say about our super-elastic fitted Jersey Knit sheets.
Machine Wash Hot
Tumble-Dry Low Temperature.
No Ironing.
No Bleach.
No Dry Cleaning.
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  • Extra Deep Pillow-Tops
  • Adjustable Beds
  • Over-sized Mattresses
Something To Think About: The fitted (or bottom) sheet is often the most underrated part of a bedding system, even though it is the most crucial and important one since the  
entire body weight rests on the fitted sheet. The feel of substandard sheets, wrinkles and bunching up can seriously disrupt sleep and may even be detrimental to one's overall
. Inexpensive Jersey Knit sheets, often manufactured in questionable environments, do not offer the same beneficial properties and only last up to a few months. Our
research has shown that our elastic Jersey Knit sheets
last at least seven(7) years on average, which translates into $7 - $13 per year or 2 - 4 cents/day, a bargain for your good
night's sleep!  
  • Because we have a successful track record in the Textile Engineering and Home Textile industry for over 55 years.

  • Focusing on synergy of comfort, luxury and technology, we pride ourselves in being totally committed to consistently adding value to our products
    with the goal in mind to fulfill your high standards of expectations and to make you part of our ever growing base of repeat customers.                      
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  • We are proud of our eco-awareness and work diligently to keep up with the latest developments concerning the protection of our valuable
Why Egino?
We Usually
Ship Within
24 Hours!
(up to 18 inches deep)

Stunningly Elastic - Ideal for Memory-Foam, Pillow-Tops, Over-Sized and Adjustable Beds.
Hypo-Allergenic, Environmentally-Friendly. Made in Germany.

  • Tempur-Pedic® & Memory Foam Mattresses
100% Money Back Guarantee. Click Icon For More Information.
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  • Cool in the summer, warm in winter, Cotton Jersey Knit sheets
    simply breathe better.  Read More
Soniodoro Perfetto by EGINO® is an entirely new kind of bed sheet
with the fabric itself being stretchy, achieved by an innovative blend of
96% Mako Cotton / 4% Elastane, allowing a perfectly smooth fit for
mattresses up to 18 " deep  
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Fully Stretchable Jersey Knit Fitted Sheets

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